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Saturday, September 17, 2011

hello people :) I'm back from a week absence. I'm busy with my school stuffs, tons of homework and quiz. let don't talk about that. it drives me insane soon. just finishing watching a Taiwan's movie called "LOVE KEEPS GOING". I think I have ever told you about that. well, it's a romantic and nice movie but I don't really love the ending, it's kinda weird but it's okay, I'm pretty satisfied of it. now I'm watching a Taiwan's movie too called "SUNSHINE ANGEL", I guess it's a nice movie, I hope so. lately I got lots of problems at school and all of them were going to drive me insane. I don't know why but SEPTEMBER SUCKS A LOT. I hope OCTOBER will be better, but I guess it won't. nowadays I hate intensive on Saturday, I hate waking up early on Saturday just for intensive, I hate going to school and listen to the teacher's explanation, I hate sitting down at class like an idiot. oh yeah and I hate the new rule about the socks, we must wear a 10cm socks and it makes me looks like an idiot, seriously. almost every teacher is changing, I hate that fact. usually they're kind and fun, but suddenly they turn to be like a devil, scary and fierce. I'm waiting for Unriddle 2, wanna watch it, hope I can have the DVD while it's out in Medan :) maybe that's all about today, enjoy and sorry if I have a broken English. I'm not American or Australian or Canadian, so I don't have a perfect English. 
oh and check out my other blog >> HERE, usually I posted video, photos and other stuffs there :)

LOVE, Angeline <3

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