Beast is the b2st

Sunday, September 04, 2011

morning guys :) Happy sunday :D have a great sunday morning. tomorrow I'm going back to school, excited to hear about that because I'd been spending 10 days holiday at home, a pathetic and bored holiday. going back to school means that assignment, assessment, quiz, project and etc are coming. i hate all of that. wat I love from school is just my friends, nothing else. okay let's skip about that topic. yesterday i watched MTV world stage live in Malaysia, and I'm so excited because beast is one of the guest star. they are all amazing <3 I love all of them :* esp. YONG JUN HYUNG :*:*:* they are all so handsome. I'm crazily in love with all of them but the most I love is Jun Hyung <3 <3 


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