Next to You

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

hey people :) how is your day ? mine is nice and fun :D Love today ;) today is a very nice day compare to the other day in this September. today we go to PT. Sinar Sosro in Tanjung Morawa, well for the specific address I don't know too. hehehe.. the place is really huge, clean and nice, but inside the factory the temperature is really HOT !!! you gonna feel like inside a box without any wind, it's even hotter than sunlight -___-" you gonna feel like your body is burning inside and you feel very hard to breath. we went there from 9 o'clock until 12 o'clock. we enjoy every single thing they explain and tell us, it's just like a new experience for us. well, I hope we gonna go there again next year or maybe next semester. they give us 2 bottles of tea and 1 box of MC Donalds. oh yeah.. this place is a tea's factory, they have lot of different teas. you must try to go there someday, won't regret. :D 
well that's all about today. so, bye :) 


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