You Smile, I smile

Thursday, August 04, 2011

hey ya people :) I'm back after one day break. I'm really busy with my school homework and quiz and the worst is CA1 is coming soon or left 1 more week. I hate assessment. I think you too. today is another best day. we don't have UN Intensive :D :D I hate intensive, it is so damn bored. today we have monthly guest and they are around 40 people (what Ms.Rika says) and 27 or 28 from them are from AFRICA, they are still young just like us (around 5 to 13 or 14 years old). and the rest are from Malaysia and Taiwan. the children are  orphaned, they don't have father, mother or even family. they live in orphanage but they still can go to school and can study. they are expert in speaking Mandarin language even me, a Chinese blood can't speak as well as them. and they are VERY GOOD in singing Mandarin's song. adore them so much :D they are amazing, even though they don't have family or parents they still can smile, laugh and have a happy life. I learn a lot today, we must appreciate what we have, we are lucky, very lucky because we still have our parents, family, friends, house, we can go to school, we can buy what we want, we can go anywhere we want compare to them ? they have nothing. see ? how lucky we are. sometimes we still complain about or life and we can't appreciate we have. REALIZE ! and look at them, they don't have what we have but they are happier than us. why don't we smile and laugh like them, enjoying our life ! don't always complain about life. life is beautiful ;;) that's all about today. Enjoy :)

Love, Angeline <3

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