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Saturday, June 28, 2014

hello xx i know i know 3 months with updating blog hehe. as you know laziness keep on attacking and out of topic to share so yeah... 

so week ago was my 17th birthday <3 omg i'm old already for real cause i'm already legal lol. get a lot of birthday wishes from my friends, thnakyou guys <3 
let's skip that.

report taking will be on 1st July but don't worry i'm not going to take it since yes my homeroom is no longer working there :( 

I'm going to tell the story of my last day being a senior high 2 student.

so the last 6 June was my last day of school and also the last of me being a senior high 2 student and also the last day of being in SH2 Blaise Pascal (my class's name) :( and the worst part is that was also the last of being with our homeroom, since he is not going to continue working there anymore.
that was really the happiest and saddest day ever, i can't actually describe how i feel exactly. 
as usual in the morning i arrived at school and went to class but that day i felt different when i entered the class because it really was the last time already. we started our day with taking selfie together by using tiniya's monopod (forgive us for being too 'narsis' and pst it's putri's idea okay lol) then continued by watching insidious 2 but idk how it ended up became twilight breaking dawn part 2 but i enjoyed though (how steffie and cynthia fangirling so hard over taylor lautner) then boredom started attacking when the movie finished but then we decided to borrow tiniya's laptop and ended up me, . herlina and jessica watching snsd's hello baby until lunch (even during lunch time we took photos as well and it's cynthia and ciput's idea btw lol), then after lunch we decided to go to library and again selfie taking's session again together (minus tiniya and njw because they are busy practising for open house), starting from where the super huge bears are placed until to the very back of the library which nobody there and ended up by sitting on the table taking silhouette's pic. it's already 2.30 so we decided to go down and prepared to do a surprise for njw's birthday (actually her birthday wasn't on that day but the day after tomorrow but because we are already on holiday so yeah we decided to do a surprise for her first), we planned to throw flour into her and splash her with water (btw we did this in the class which cause our class are in a super big mes), we also gave her cake, all these things cause njw turned into a cake girl lol (btw happy belated birthday buddy). at last, everybody are already going home because it's already 3 but we the girls together with marcelleo and pradana managed to stay in the class because we are going to give a scrapbook and photo album to Mr.Andi as the last gift before holiday :( aside from that me, herlina, jessica, bm and cynthia also gave him a wallet because we (me, herlina, jessica and bm) didn't join the farewell party with mr. andi. 

that day we seriously took a lot of photos, a lot okay a lot but it's okay since it will never happen again :( 

even now i miss that day already, i miss how we laugh together, fangirl together, took photos together, smile together, disturbed njw and turned her into a cake girl together and everything.

for me SH2-Blaise Pascal is super fun class, since a lot of different kinds of people are inside, the good one, the smart one, the annoying one, the lazy one, the sleepy head one, the creative one, the kind one, the one who always disturb the teacher, the one who always create a joke and make all of us laugh, the quiet one, the noisy one and others. 
(fyi this class really remind me of my jh3 class..)

hopefully in the next class we can do the same thing again, we can remain like this. 
i am done with the story. 

orientation day will be on 12 June and i wonder who will be our homeroom and where our class will be placed, hopefully not in the same level anymore. hehe. i also wonder will there be any new student or not. 


Beast is coming back with goodluck, please show some love and kindly watch the mv. thankyou :*

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