Can't Stop

Saturday, March 01, 2014

hello. i know im finally back after i abandoned my blog for about two months. i was supposed to update about my trip to Singapore but laziness keeps on attacking and the worse is that i was on examination week so yeah postponed my post, will probably post it next time when i'm not lazy. but dont take it wrong kay, it's not only because im lazy but it's also because all of the photos taken are still in my phone and i havent figured out the way to move it to the computer so yeah.. you know..

lately i have been thinking a lot about what to take in university, im in dilemma between medical science or interior design. i still cant figure out which one to take.. i know i still have another year to think but somehow it's better to make a decision earlier so i can prepare more. 

and lately i havent been talking to two of my friends, we just suddenly turned to strangers. actually i dont really like that kind of situation but what can i do? tbvh im actually taking this as a way God reminds me to focus more on studying rather than talking/gossiping, actually by this problem i can study and focus more on the lessons taught by teacher because i didnt talk as much as i used to. 
im feeling much better after i update this blog at least i have already taken out all of the burdens in my head. im feeling much more relieved now. 

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