Will You Be Alright ?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

hello readers, finally another post after abandoning my blog for 3 months. lol 

holiday officially started yesterday until 15 next month, i am excited to the core as i don't have to go to school, meet all those people, listen to bullshits.
i'm just so done with school stuffs, if i can escape from school i'll be the happiest person alive but i know it's impossible so just stop hoping. 
i'm now a senior high 2 student already and i don't know whether to happy or not to happy. 
probably holiday will be bored as hell but okay though rather than school. will be going abroad on 4 July till 9 July, can't wait <3 

nothing else to say. kay bye ;)

b2st is coming back soon <3 excited to the core !! 

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