Run Away

Saturday, October 13, 2012

hello. sorry for no updating my blog lately. tons of homework, project, quiz. 2 more projects to be finished, English (Halloween project) and Mandarin (China map). and the worst is that CA2 is coming by next 2 weeks. Bahasa Indonesia, Religion, Computer and Mandarin practical test start next week. argh it's so stressful. 
school is getting more and more bored. geez. wanted to end SH1 soon. 
lately "what country are you going to to continue your college" and "what stream are you going to take" topics are popular in my class. I plan to continue my college in National University Of Singapore and I will take Medical Science or Doctor, but the requirements needed are seriously very high but I will work hard to get in to there. 
nothing else to tell you. have a great weekend. 

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