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Sunday, April 15, 2012

hello ~ been super busy lately and national exam is getting closer, 8 more days to go. lately easily getting headache and now having flu and cough, feeling so dead. went to doctor yesterday, got medicine to eat and also went to saloon to cut my bang, since my bang is too long already. oh we had photo taking last Friday, alone photo taking and class photo taking. my hair is being a b***h that day, bang is too long, messy like hell but whatever. don't plan to see the photos since I know it will result mess. oh and my computer is being so unfriendly lately, can't download anything from keepvid and can't sign in to tumblr and also can't watch any videos, losing my windows media player. so stress of it, feeling like throwing away this computer. somebody repair it for me please -_- lately I watched an old Korean drama named FULL HOUSE, finished up watching it this morning. that's all for today get nothing else to write, no more story to tell. will be less updating since I get no more time to online so don't mind about that. will be updating like usual after I finish my national exam. good luck for those who are going to have national exam tomorrow and good luck for me and my friends who are going to face national exam next week o:)o:) 

new single from 4minute. nice mv but I don't really like the song but ok though. 

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