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Friday, April 27, 2012

hello :D I'm back.. finally national exam is over \m/\m/ holiday for today and next week, will go back to school next 2 week. loving holiday since I don't need to go to school and meet all those unimportant people. selfish and only care of their own. bully people like they are very smart, they even never live a real life. they were born in a rich family, grew in a rich family and had everything, feeling like a boss. one day they will know what is real life, living in a real world is not easy. now they can judge and bully others, later they will one how it feels when they are the one that get bully. KARMA exists dude, GOD has eyes, GOD will punish you. JUST WAIT and SEE. sincerely, me. 
okay enough for the emotion :) I'm tired of talking about those unimportant people, wasting time and littering my blog. 
nothing to do in my holiday, feeling bored but however it's better than going to school.
okay I get nothing else to tell. have a nice day people :) 


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