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Saturday, March 17, 2012

bonjour ~ it's an awesome Saturday without intensive :D oh well I'm going to tell you about yesterday's stories. here you go. 
yesterday was the best day of this March, no lesson or studying for the whole day, means we are FREE \m/ watched a British TV serial called Dr.Who it is a very nice movie. very recommended.
and you know this sunday will be an open house in my school, Prime One School. you're very welcome to join our open house. there will be bazaars, performances, booths, school tour and etc. 
YOU KNOW WHAT ? I'm going to participate in one of the activity which is BUILD A CPU !! -_- I don't who the hell choose that -____- I was just like WHAT THE ?? I had never built that before ok and now i have to do it in front of strangers ? I'm so not ready but however I have to or else Mr David Gordon will kill me. luckily I'm not alone, I'm with Novando and Herlina they are my classmates. had my training yesterday with Mr Gordon from 13.10 to 15.10, two hours training only for that. but do you know we successfully build it and it works ! we're like WOW we can do it in one try although Mr Gordon still helps us. OH MAN I wish I can remember the whole thing he taught or else I will be an idiot tomorrow .___.
actually building a CPU is not as hard as what I thought before, it just needs understanding.
oh and I have to arrive at school before 08.30 and it takes 2 hours for the presentation. WISH ME LUCK o:) 


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