I Will Survive

Saturday, March 03, 2012

hey ~ I'm finally back to update my blog. lately I get no time. as usual because of school stuffs. it's 3rd of March already, means that left 9 more days till UAS. I'm so not ready, prepare nothing, study nothing. UAS will be from 12 March till 15 March. I swear this March will be a shitty month since there will be a lot of things to do, from UAS, practical, open house and so on. open house will be on 18 March, I'm not excited at about this event, i am like who cares when everybody else are preparing that this and whatever, I NEVER CARE about that shitty stuff. oh well i dunno what to say anymore, maybe i will absent again from updating blog since i need to study and prepare for my UAS. GOD BLESS ME o:)

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