In Heaven

Sunday, October 23, 2011

hey :) finally I have time to write something on my blog. this week and next week I will be very busy of CA2. study, study, and study. STRESS OUT !! finally it's weekend and I can have a leisure time but later on I will study AGAIN -___- yesterday I watched a movie called "my ex 2 haunted lover" , it's a Thai horror movie. scary but the story is too complicated. recommended for you who like to watch horror movie. plan to watch Thai movie again today but seem like I haven't studied yet so I think I will cancel it first. but after I finish up my CA2, movie marathon start \m/\m/ can't wait for that time ;;) well get nothing to tell you anymore. bye. wish me luck for my CA2 :D 

the cover of the movie 

some scenes in the movie 



took last time when we visited PT. SOSRO ;;) 
savira, mega, me, kristina :D

took last time after intensive ;)
me and tifanni :D

took last time when monthly guests came 
we were all at the back : VJ, VL, darwin, veddrik, angga, derian, jonathan, ardent, herlina, me, JA, juventine, steffie, nana, NJW :D


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