Because I Miss You

Monday, October 10, 2011

hello people :) get a  simple thing to tell you but it's also the most happiest thing :D had flag raising in the morning and mr anderson announced the best scoring, star of the month, the most beautiful class and also the most cleanliness class. well, Abraham Lincoln or my class won 2 awards which are the most beautiful class and the most cleanliness class for August. not only that me myself, I won 2 awards too which are Star of the month for August and Best Scoring for September \m/\m/ super duper excited ;) thank you Mr Surya for choosing me ;* you are the best la ;;) that's all. Bye. oh and get the b2st's boys verified on twitter. Check out my previous post or CLICK HERE. 

 LOVE, Angeline <3 

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