Goodbye 2012

Monday, December 31, 2012

hello. today is the last day of this month and also the last day of December. feeling so exited for celebrating new year <3
this year had been a good year, a lot of things happened, the good and the bad, the sadness and the cheers, the laughter and the tears.
i plan to review all the things happened in this 2012. here we go :)
- Katy Perry's concert in Jakarta
- Simple Plan's concert in Jakarta
- Chinese New Year
- Chinese New Year vacation (STORY REVIEW)
- Health Campaign with friends at school
- B2ST Beautiful Show in Jakarta
- BTOB first debut on 22nd March <3
- B2ST's comeback with 6th mini album, Midnight Sun <3
- BTOB showcase in Jakarta  
- Graduation <3
- Pass from National exam
- Class trip to Teh Botol Sosro :') 
- Celebrated Herlina's birthday at school
- Leeteuk going to enlistment :(
- Yoseob debut as solo singer with Caffeine song <3
- Junhyung makes a solo song "Living Without You"
- 2 days vacation with sister to Penang (STORY REVIEW)
- Bigbang's comeback 
- Joining Computer Booth during open house (STORY REVIEW)
- Watching Horror Movie with friends at school
- Cellphone got confiscated by the teacher
- Sleepover in my cousin's house (STORY REVIEW)
- MY 15th BIRTHDAY <3<3
- Another vacation to Penang and Ipo
- Kim Jaejoong's showcase in Jakarta
- SMTOWN in Jakarta
- Super Junior SS4 in Jakarta   
- Lee Seung Gi's showcase in Jakarta
                                      and etc ;)

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