Hate today

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today is so SUCKS and it's the most SUCKS day ever !!
during 1st homeroom GORDON came to our class and pretended as our homeroom, he organize all the table and our bag must be put near the locker or inside the locker..
it's ok with that and it's usual..
during 1st break,, but we don't call it BREAK because we just stay inside the class and sitting down like a FOOL listening to his UNIMPORTANT lecture..
fine we have no break and no food allowed..
LUCKILY during lunch time he doesn't come to our class to organize our class again..
during 2nd break,, and we don't call it BREAK too because it's just the same with 1st break.. 
LUCKILY during 2nd homeroom time he's disappear to the HELL.. 
so that's all about today.. 
so SUCKS like.. -_______--


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